Shubin April Fest 2013

Shubin April Fest 2013 will run April 8 through April 28 ? order tickets

Schedule of Events


  • MON Apr 8: Festival opens! Monday Night Monologues. Denise opens, followed by young people’s monologues
  • THU Apr 11: Ed Shockley Night
  • FRI Apr 12: Star in Your own Play – Groups pay to perform onstage.
  • SAT Apr 13: (7:00 PM) Short Stories – Baby Boys – Mamas Don’t Let them Grow up to Be
  • SUN Apr 14: Hidden River Arts readings
  • MON Apr 15: Monday Night Monologues #2 – “Shut Your Mouth: Teenage Monologues”
  • TUE Apr 16: (7:30 PM) Short Stories – Baby Boys – Mamas Don’t Let them Grow up to Be
  • WED Apr 17: Twilight Zone Episodes
  • THU Apr 18: Philly Improv Theater, featuring Don Martinelli’s Art
  • FRI Apr 19: Fred Siegel, Magician: Man of Mystery
  • SAT Apr 20: OverKnight Theatre
  • SUN Apr 21: (7:00 PM) Poetry Night
  • MON Apr 22: Monday Night Monologues #3
  • TUE Apr 23: Cabaret de los Eclecticos: Anything Goes
  • WED Apr 24: Men and their Place in the World: Round 2 – Short plays written by men (Chris Davis, Quinn D. Eli, Josh McLlvain, Mark Wolverton, Kumar Dari Goonbwardene, and Mark Knight)
  • THU Apr 25: Standup Comedy Night – Don’t Just Sit There, Stand Up: An evening of comedy featuring Tommy Pope, Rob DeSantis, and Todd Cardin
  • FRI Apr 26: From a Woman’s Point of View – Short plays by women: (Debra Leigh Scott, Robin Rodriguez, Cat Hasson West, Kape McGrath, and Joy Cutler)
  • SAT Apr 27: The Denise Shubin Night
  • SUN Apr 28: Deep Cleaning / Home Improvement Day (Everyone pitches in to clean/paint & be at Don’s Beck and Call), then PARTY TIME!

25th Anniversary Tribute

Denise's Benefit

Denise's Benefit

Top Philly entertainment talent joins forces for Show Biz extravaganza to raise funds for local theatre building and venue renovations.

When Denise Shubin, gifted dancer, actor and operatic singer, and her artist-engineer husband Don Martinelli, purchased the building on Bainbridge Street in 1987, they had a plan. Home would include a theatre on the ground floor; the humans would live on the two floors above, crowned by a beautiful rooftop “lounge.” Then time happened. Twenty-five years’ worth.

And over that span of time, “show biz” also happened; like a member of the family. Now show business will happen in another unique way. Call it a huge buffet of extraordinarily diverse performing arts. Call it a different entertainment feast for most of 18 consecutive days and nights. Call it a celebration of the quarter-century mark for a small Philly theatre that has a big reputation with actors, singers, dancers, musicians, playwrights, magicians, directors and producers – to say nothing of audiences and loyal fans – as the embodiment of what Off-off-Broadway actually means. Call it whatever, but call asap…this venue seats just over forty!

Denise and Don, mostly due to their generosity in making theatre space available to Philly artists at reasonable (or less than) cost, have not become millionaires. In the same time frame, building and venue facilities got older, recently requiring substantial renovations. At one time or another in the last quarter of a century, some of the most notable Philly performers have appeared at the Shubin. Now, as an expression of gratitude, they come together to celebrate the valuable contribution made to the region’s arts and entertainment culture by this small, unassuming corner that has become home, haven, gymnasium, workshop and presentation forum for generations of performers and audience.

The range of Festival productions offered is eclectically multidimensional; no other way to say it. For example, the performances of plays, music, dance, magic and readings of local writers begins Thursday, April 12 at 7 pm, with an original epic poem by prize-winning playwright Ed Shockley, WOODCARVER’S BAND. The following evening, April 13 (at 7 and 10 pm) offers a totally different theatrical experience, a special production of THE BEST OF PRIMARY STAGES…TOO! This, representing the most entertaining of the 10-minute plays featured in the ongoing series produced periodically at the Shubin by Philadelphia Dramatist Center (PDC) notable Todd Holtsberry. The Festival beat goes on Sunday April 15 at 7 pm with a fresh cluster of the Primary Stages “best” productions.

Over the next two weeks, audiences can enjoy such events as DREAMLAND (Stories on the fuzzy side of real); PHILLY IMPROV; POETRY & MOTION (The Fiesta Flamenco Dance Troupe joins forces with some of Philly’s finest poets); A MAGICAL EVENING (with magicians Francis Menotti and Fred Siegel; OVERKNIGHT THEATRE AT THE SHUBIN (with Mark Knight, overall Festival producer); MEN AND THEIR PLACE IN THE WORLD (short plays by men, produced by Bill McKinlay, Executive Director of the Brick Playhouse); HAMLET (yes, Shakespeare on Bainbridge!) by Revv Theatre; ONE DAY I RAN INTO A LION WITH A SOMBRERO (and other plays in development); DISCOVERING SAGACITY (short plays by women); THE MUSIC OF LOVE (from Mozart to Sondheim); and the Festival winds up with a special reading of PURPLE GIRL by Debra Leigh Scott.

For specific dates and times of performances, please access SHUBIN APRIL FEST 2012 at Facebook. All tickets $20. To make reservations:

The Shubin Theatre 25th Anniversary Festival Coming In April

Thurs, Apr 12, 7pm, WOODCARVER’S BAND – An Epic Performance Poem by Ed Shockley

Fri, Apr 13, 7pm, The Best of Philly’s Primary Stages…Part Too!

Fri, Apr 13, 10pm, The Best of Philly’s Primary Stages…Part Too!

Sun, Apr 15, 7pm, The Best of Philly’s Primary Stages…Part Too! 1 show, 7pm

Tues, Apr 17, 7pm, Dreamland: Stories on the Fuzzy Edge of Real

Tues, Apr 17, 9.30pm, Dreamland: Stories on the Fuzzy Edge of Real

Weds, Apr 18, 7pm, PHILLY IMPROV

Thurs, Apr 19, 7pm, POETRY & MOTION: The Fiesta Flamenco Dance Troupe joins with Philly’s finest poets

Fri, Apr 20, 8pm, A MAGICAL EVENING: Master magicians, Francis Menotti & Fred Siegel

Sat, Apr 21, 8pm, OverKnight Theatre at The Shubin

Sun, Apr 22, 7pm, Men and their place in the world. (Short Plays by Men)

Mon, Apr 23, 7pm, Hamlet by William Shakespeare, Revv Theatre

Tues, Apr 24, 7pm, One Day I ran into a lion with a Sombrero & other works in development

Weds, Apr 25, 7pm, One Day I ran into a lion with a Sombrero & other works in development

Thurs, Apr 26, 7pm, Overnight Shakespeare: Stand-up Shakespeare PLUS cheese, booze & discussion

Fri, Apr 27, 8pm, Discovering SagaCity: Women playwrights on the trials and truths of being female.

Sat, Apr 28, 8pm, The Music of Love: A delightful musical revue ranging from Mozart to Sondheim

Sun, Apr 29, 4pm, ‘Purple Girl’ by Debra Leigh Scott, (playreading)



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